Title Role Producer/Production Company
Ligiea Eddie Poe Vision, LLC (Completed filming)
Kingshighway Jackie Jeff Most Productions
Ghost Image Stan Kalinga Productions & Jeff Most
Memorizing Dates Karl Chad Schneider for Columbia U NYC
Stragglers Davey Chad Schneider for Columbia U NYC
7-Minute Film Project * Director 48 Hour Film Festival
Abdul Love Cleopatra Danny Brian Holhfeld
Another Christmas Mark Brian Holhfeld
A Gathering Tommy Peter Carlos
America's Favorite Pastime Jason Three Blonds Films
The Book That Wrote Itself American Tourist Liam O'Mochain
Bird of Paradise The Host Tom Moore for the Hague
Jim From Divernon Jim Chad Schneider
    *Best Acting Award 2004
Scorched US Premier Simon The Orange Girls (Feb. 08)
Cherry Docs Danny New Jewish Theatre (Feb. 08)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Brick Muddy Waters Theatre
An American Daughter Billy The Orange Girls
Death of A Salesman Biff Muddy Waters Theatre
Medea Jason The Orange Girls
No Exit Garcin Spotlight Theatre
In a Little World of Our Own Ray HotHouse Theatre
Controlled Cool – the Arthur Ashe Story Multiple Roles Histroyonics Theatre
King Lear Attendant/Soldier Repertory Theatre of St. Louis
Twilight of the Golds Rob New Jewish Theatre
Legends World Premier Cliff Kollison St. Louis Black Repertory Co.
Encore National Tour Multiple Roles Chamber Theatre Company
The Trial Joseph K Civic Theatre, Dublin
Death of a Salesman Willy Loman 99 Dublin Fringe Festival
Yerma Victor Samuel Beckett Centre

The Sandman

Bob/Father 98 Dublin Fringe Festival
Twenty-Seven Wagons of Cotton Jake/Joe Samuel Beckett Centre
Cloud Nine Clive Samuel Beckett Centre
The Crucible * John Proctor Illinois Wesleyan U.
    *ACTF Nominee
Lester & Shorty Lester must... ROCK! Films
Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog Terisra Ardmore Studios
Industrials - On Camera & Voice Over
Veteran's Administration Bill Veteran's Administration
Union Electric Ray Ameren UE
UMSL Announcer St. Louis Radio
Vatterott Student St. Louis Radio
Unigroup Training Mover Millerworks
Bailey's Irish Cream Rob International Corporate
Conflicts available upon request.    

Drama & Theatre Studies at Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College , Dublin Ireland
BFA in Acting from Illinois Wesleyan University , Bloomington Illinois
Alba Emoting, Susana Bloch & Nancy Loitz
Trained in Stanislavski Method, Dr. John Ficca

Special Skills

English and Irish regional accents, juggling, electric bass, basic drums, guitar, modern & jazz dance, baseball, basketball, in-line hockey, manual transmission


What's in an award really...I'm not bitter.

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