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Let's face it, it's a movie world nowadays.  Even if you don't need Ritalin to get through a superbowl ad, you can appreciate something a little more dynamic than a Henrick Ibsen staged reading.  Chalk up Joel's love of the moving picture to his generation's visual vocabulary or maybe too much soda.  In any case, the following are some examples of his contribution to the artform.
Short Film starring actor Joel Lewis
Edgar Allan Poe's Ligeia

This was shot in December of 2007 and has Wes Bentley, Micheal Madsen, and Eric Roberts on the film. It was the first film where I felt like I was really getting comfortable in front of the camera, but the director, Michael Staininger and Sofya Skya (Ligeia) deserve a lot of credit for that as well.


Short Film starring actor Joel Lewis

This feature was shot in St. Louis in May 2007. The cast included Clayne Crawford, Burt Young, Lina Esco and Eddie Furlong. The trailer is a little confusing, but my friend and sometimes collaborator Ryan Samul shot it. I'm a sucker for the crime genre so I'm looking forward to see how it turned out.

IMDB, Carson's Neat Behind the Scene's Short

Short Film starring actor Joel Lewis
Ghost Image

In September of 2006, Jack Snyder was kind enough, not only to cast me in my first 35mm feature, but also to give me a much needed shot of confidence. The project gave me the chance to work with some well known and respected professionals including Elizabeth Rohm (Law & Order), Roma Maffia (Nip Tuck), and Stacey Dash (Clueless). Not to mention a host of other talent, both local to St. Louis and from afar. You can see the trailer here.

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Short Film starring actor Joel Lewis
Monkey Prize Wine -

My illustrious directing debut featured myself, a bottle of Woot Wine and a special guest appearance who undoubtedly stole the show. If the goggles aren't enough to keep you watching, just wait.

Watch the Monkey Prize Wine Video

Short Film starring actor Joel Lewis
Memorizing Dates

The latest in my collaboration with Chad Schneider follows Karl, a 30 something photo-mat attendant resolved to a life of under achievement. This character, like the other Scheiderian (I totally made that up!) oddballs had so much more going on beneath the mussed and bedraggled surface that I knew he would be interesting. I hope I did him justice.

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Short Film starring actor Joel Lewis
Lester & Shorty

This little vanity project is a series (ok, two) short films about a barfly, Lester, and his unusual pal, Shorty. Theirs is a story that encompasses all the grandest themes: friendship, love, delusion and booze. "Lester & Shorty" will resonate with anyone who's ever found a friend in a bottle of beer.

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Short Film starring actor Joel Lewis


When Chad Schneider, Matthew Shultz, Ryan Samul and I shot this in the summer of 2004, I had no idea how beautiful it would turn out. I guess that rain machine paid off after all.

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Short Film starring actor Joel Lewis

Abdul Love Cleopatra

It was years in the making (2001-2005) but when the smoke cleared I had good friend in Brian Holhfeld and much better understanding of the sacrifice and perseverance involved in low budget, independent film making. Not to mention a pretty sweet silver mini-skirt.


Short Film starring actor Joel Lewis

Jim From Divernon

This is proof of how far back Chad and I go. I think this was 1995. Who knows, the best part is that almost ten years later this short made its rounds via the Rural Route Film Festival. I'm just rolling in residuals you can bet.

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