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Committed to the hustle and bustle of the mid-coast, Joel Lewis is no stranger to the St. Louis film and theatre scene, but is more like an estranged cousin. After re-relocating to St. Louis from Ireland and New York , Joel now finds himself knee-deep in his own demons about the craft of acting and the art of performance in formidable and often hostile terrain.

Determined to break through the well-deserved wall of cynicism and self-doubt, this site will be gratuitous in self-promotion and unabashed at networking to be sure, but will also endeavor to discuss the fine and not-so-fine points of performance.

He has a degree in this, after all, from an accredited University. So it's at least arguable, Joel Lewis is ill-equipped to successfully pursue any other career path.   And so, he will remain defiant in the face of anyone who says “You live where?...Have you thought about moving?” Uggh…that burns him up.

What I'm working on

When I'm failing to update my blog or waiting for Sam Mendes to call, I'm peddling daily t-shirts for We sell a different shirt everyday, and yes it's successful.. Visit