Working for the Man
P'shaw to those to say commercial work isn't 'real' work. You might even say it's hard work. Unfulfilling?...possibly, but work to be sure. In fact, if one were to define work as the act of physical or mental exertion with the goal of compensation, commercial acting might be the actor's only hope. Joel Lewis is a working man, and while he's not without limits, if there are wares to peddle, voices to over, or corporate entities in need of mundane reenactments, he's your man.
Short Film starring actor Joel Lewis
Voice Over

Talk to any actor and they'll effuse about how awesome voice over work can be. I won't deny it: it's easy, lucrative and in high demand. I have a great story about how I was up for a part against an 11 year-old. I'll tell it to you sometime.

Voice Reel (Coming Soon)

Short Film starring actor Joel Lewis


I always like to think there's some seedy, dark and ominous underworld to coporate videos. There may well be depeding on the corporation, but the side I've seen is a lot like a temp job. The pay is better, but there is usually a cubicle and almost always a golf shirt.